First-Year Writing Program

End of Semester / Grade Reporting Forms

The course evaluation period runs for two weeks toward the end of each semester. Check email and Sunday bulletins for exact dates. During that period, please give students class time to complete two surveys: the A&S ‘Student Opinion of Instruction (the link is emailed to students, or they can go to mybama, OIRA) and the First-Year Writing Program survey (the link is under the ‘students’ tab of The FWP survey is short, concise, and features program-specific questions.

  1. Attendance Policy Waivers: If any of your students have missed 1-2 classes over the limit, and if you’d like to intercede on their behalf, please e-mail Dr. Niiler by the date specified in the emailed end of semester memo, with the subject line ‘Student Waiver Request.’ Include the name of the student, a short explanation, and a request for a waiver.
  2. Grade Appeals: All other students who exceed the absence limits should receive grades of NC. These students can appeal their grades directly to Dr. Niiler after grades have been posted at the end of the semester (not before!). You can also refer students to the ‘attendance’ section of their Hacker Handbooks or to the student information page at

  1. Check program and UA emails for the official grade posting deadline. Grades can be entered in myBama.
  2. You are also required to turn in electronic copy of your EN 101, 102, 103, 104, 120, 121 grade records to the FWP office by midnight (11: 59 p.m.) on the same day that grades are due.
  3. Grade records should be submitted to the FWP office via the ‘FWP Grade Report Form,’ which is available  above or at
  4. No other format will be accepted; no additional documentation is required.
  5. E-mail these files as attachments to Melinda Fields ( ). The e-files should be named as follows: semester year last name first name course-section. One file per section, please. Example: Spring 2017 Niiler Luke EN 101-111. (Melinda says, “Please follow these directions!”)
  6. These grade records will be stored permanently, per University policy.

If you have submitted a potential academic misconduct case and have not heard back from the dean’s office when it’s time to post your grades, assign the student in question a grade of “I.” Once you hear from the dean’s office, you can change the grade online. E-mail if you have questions about pending academic misconduct cases.

You should not give incompletes in First-year-Writing courses. There are only two exceptions:

(a) pending academic misconduct reviews, as per above, and

(b) approved extenuating circumstances. Please contact Dr. Niiler to discuss any potential ‘Incomplete’ that is not related to a pending misconduct review.

  1. Please respond to student e-mails as soon as possible. Be friendly and be factual. Explain grades; answer questions. Copy Dr. Niiler on your reply, if the situation warrants. If a student isn’t satisfied with your explanation, refer that student to Dr. Niiler.
  2. Respond to parent e-mails by telling parents that you will be happy to talk to your student about their grade. Ask them to have the student contact you. Please be sure the student has waived FERPA before you discuss that student’s record with parents. The First-Year Writing office can help determine FERPA status.
  3. Be sure we have your current contact information so that we can contact you for details if your student or a parent contacts us first.
  4. If you are not sure how to deal with a student/parent question, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Niiler to ask for advice.
  5. One last word. Be good to yourself. Set up your e-mail ‘vacation’ or ‘out of office’ auto-response, as necessary. This may help calm the nerves of students and parents who want immediate answers when you’re away!