First-Year Writing Program

Teaching: Details

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Results of A & S evaluations and FWP surveys can be accessed through mybama, faculty tab, OIRA resources box. Click on “Student Opinions of Instruction/Course Evaluations”

To see the FWP questions (revised in Summer 2014), download a copy of the survey.
If you have problems accessing the program surveys contact the Associate Director Jessica Kidd.
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  • EN 101 and EN 102 classes are generally capped at 24 students per section.
  • EN 103 and EN 104 classes are generally capped at 18 students per section.

As a rule, we do not allow overrides. If there is a rare override necessity, these override requests MUST be approved through the First-year Writing Program office.

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Proposal template for EN 103 and EN 104

Examples of Past EN 103 and EN 104 Classes (with links to the proposals)

Spring 2010, EN 103

Fall 2010, EN 103

Spring 2011, EN 103

Fall 2011, EN 103

Fall 2011, EN 104

Spring 2012, EN 103

Fall 2012, EN 103

Fall, 2012 EN 104

Spring 2013, EN 103

Fall 2013, EN 103

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Near the end of each semester, you will receive an email from the FWP requesting an emailed packet of end-of-semester materials. Please follow the instructions carefully, and turn in these materials as soon as possible after posting final grades. The materials you provide are used in the case of grade disputes, are needed from EVERYONE, and are MANDATORY.
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Kevin Waltman ( is the coordinator of Living-Learning Community classes.
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Dr. Natalie Loper ( is the coordinator for 100-level online classes.

Helpful documents for online teachers:

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  • The Director of First-year Writing serves on the hiring committee for FTTI positions and on search committees for positions like the CLTF. The director cannot write letters specifically for these positions while serving on these committees. The director can write generic recommendations for an interfolio or other dossier account. If you plan to apply for local department positions, plan ahead and ask for an observation and generic letter before job ads are posted in January. See below for additional guidelines for requesting a letter.
  • You must have been observed within the last year for FWP staff to write you a letter. If you haven’t been observed recently, plan ahead and set up an observation.
  • Ask the person who observed you teach. It is very hard for FWP staff to write a good letter if they haven’t seen you in the classroom.
  • Remember that 533/534 observations may not be the best material for a recommendation letter. Staff are usually looking for areas for improvement when they observe those first classes. FWP staff may decline to write a letter based only on a 533/534 observation.
  • Make your request for a letter well before you send an interfolio request or a request from a school or employer. FWP staff don’t automatically write letters every time they are asked. They only write letters when they believe they can strongly recommend someone.
  • Consider other faculty members in the English department. The people who write your letters should be people with whom you’ve built professional/academic relationships.
  • FWP staff classified as instructors may decline to write letters for UA instructorship applications due to a conflict of interest.
  • FWP staff write confidential letters only. Because employers and departments look more favorably on candidates who have waived their right to view letters, FWP staff will only write confidential letters.
  • Consider creating an Interfolio account or using another dossier service if you will need multiple copies of your letter sent out.
  • Include all pertinent details in one email: contact info for letter recipient, letter delivery method, job or program details, details about yourself that you would want included in the letter, deadlines, etc. Please also include UA employment dates and details, such as lists of relevant classes taught (and when).
  • Provide a SASE if you need a physical letter mailed.
  • At least one month of lead time is a good rule of thumb for letter requests. Plan on more time if you need to request an observation.

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Page with resources for theming your 102 course

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