End of Semester / Grade Reporting Forms

Please ask your students to complete the A&S SOIs, via a link emailed to them or through the student tab of myBama. This is the only evaluation they will need to complete. FWP-specific evaluations are discontinued, and several questions based on FWP evaluations have been folded into A&S SOIs.

Attendance Policy Waivers: At the end of the semester, but before grades are due, contact Luke (lpniiler@ua.edu) if you would like to request an attendance policy waiver. Waivers are for students who may have gone over the allowed number of absences but who you feel deserve their earned grade instead of an NC for absences.

Grade Appeals: Students can appeal their final grades by following the procedure shown at fwp.english.ua.edu — students — grade appeals.

Check program and UA emails for the official grade posting deadline. Final grades must be entered in myBama by the official deadline. Go to mybama, faculty tab, faculty grade assignment to submit grades.

You are also required to turn in an electronic copy of your EN 101, 102, 103, 104, 120, 121 grade records to the FWP office by midnight (11: 59 p.m.) on the same day that grades are due. See the FWP Sunday Bulletin for the email address to submit your grades to the FWP Box folder.

Use the grade report forms available at https://fwp.english.ua.edu/instructors/endsemester/.

Asynchronous online teachers should download the Blackboard grade book, highlight major grades, and add the grade breakdown to the bottom of the file. Save as a file type that can be opened in Excel. See the sample file and a Blackboard tutorial under Grade Reporting Forms.

Email these files as attachments to our Box folder. The email address will be provided each semester. One file per section, please. Use the following format for naming your file: Fall 2023 LastName FirstName EN 101-000.

Questions? Contact Dr. Natalie Loper (nloper@ua.edu) or Dr. Ashley Palmer (aepalmer2@ua.edu).

If you have submitted a potential academic misconduct case and have not heard back from the dean’s office when it’s time to post your grades, assign the student in question a grade of “I.” Once you hear from the dean’s office, you can change the grade online.

E-mail nloper@ua.edu if you have questions about pending academic misconduct cases.

You should not give incompletes in First-Year Writing courses. There are only two exceptions:

  • pending academic misconduct reviews, as per above, and
  • approved extenuating circumstances. Please contact Dr. Niiler to discuss any potential ‘Incomplete’ that is not related to a pending misconduct review.

  1. Please respond to student e-mails as soon as possible. Be friendly and be factual. Copy Dr. Niiler on your reply, if you wish.
  2. Before discussing a student’s grade with their parents, please be sure the student has waived FERPA. The FWP office can help determine FERPA status.