First-Year Writing Program

Syllabus Building

Fall 2020 EN 101 Standard Syllabus is a Blackboard Learn course shell based on the FWP Online Course Shell. Please see the online instructor resources for more information. This course shell will facilitate hybrid instruction and make any potential pivots to online teaching easier. (Required for 533 GTAs; other teachers can contact Dr. Natalie Loper to request the shell.)

EN 101 Standard Syllabus Fall 2019 TR  (OLD — for reference only)

EN 101 Standard Syllabus Fall 2019 MWF (OLD syllabus — for reference only)

EN 101 Standard Syllabus Fall 2019 MW (OLD syllabus — for reference only)

EN 102 Standard Syllabus Spring 2020 (OLD syllabus — for reference only; weekly format needs to be tailored to MWF, MW, or TR format)

Dr. Luke Niiler’s Hybrid Lesson Planning Template
You can view past syllabi via myBama.

Procedure: Log into myBama; click on faculty or student tab. Under Banner Self-Service, click on ‘Class Schedule.’ Choose a fall or spring term. Submit. Under ‘subject,’ click on English, and enter ‘101,’ ‘102,’ ‘103,’or ‘104’ immediately below as the ‘Course.’ Scroll down, and click on ‘Class search.’ You’ll now be able to scroll through all courses offered that term and select syllabi. (Some syllabi may show a ‘log in to view additional content’ tab; you will need to click on it to view the entire doc).

A syllabus for each section needs to be posted in UA’s online syllabus management system (OSM) and then linked to your Blackboard course.

Instructions for creating your syllabus in OSM

Instructions for linking OSM syllabus to Blackboard